Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calming the "Monkey Mind"

What's to be gained by calming the monkey mind?

The words "monkey mind" comes from a Buddhist description of the mind of a person who is not in the present moment. The mind of such a person is said to be likened to a monkey that goes from tree to tree tasting a piece of fruit from each and then dropping it and moving on to the next tree. As with many of us, our thought process runs in much the same way. We jump from thought to thought and project to project without really ever being in the present and fully experiencing everything we are doing at a given time.

With constant pressure to do more, keep moving and go faster, our everyday lives often do not and cannot reflect our most heartfelt values and ideas. If the axiom… YOUR LIFE IS YOUR MESSAGE is true... I shudder to think “What message I am sending?”

It's been called the monkey mind - the endless chattering in your head as you jump in your mind from thought to thought while you daydream, analyze your relationships, or worry over the future. Eventually, you start to feel like your thoughts are spinning out of control and you're left tired and confused.

One way to tame this wild creature in your head is through meditation or pausing to clear your head. It is inside your PAUSE… that you are given the opportunity to tame this mental beast… by moving beyond thought - to become aware of a thought rather than thinking a thought. The difference is subtle, however, very significant. When you are aware of your thoughts, you can let your thoughts go without letting them pull you in different directions.

Being able to concentrate is one of the tools that allow you to slow down your thought process. Using your “Daily Pauses” can be as simple as choosing… Choosing to chant, singing a devotional song, and prayer also still the mind. However you choose to tame the monkey mind, do so with firm kindness. The next time the chattering arises, notice it and then allow it to go away. Doing this in a consistent, congruent manner with each and every Pause… With practice, monkey mind will become quiet and so will you.

Take Your Time… Find Balance in a Hurried World

If you conquer your mind, you will control your life. It is that simple.

Namaste`… Molly N.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clearing your head....

meaning to pause does not suggest that pausing is easy.  Many times, that gentle nudge arrives and your head is so filled with clutter, that the pause can actually become another burden mixed in with all that clutter and chaos. 

TAKE NOTE; if that does happen to you and your pause  is not a welcomed relief.....you are in critical condition.  At that very moment - you need to step away from where you are and regroup.  Force yourself to clear your head and USE THAT PAUSE wisely.

The best thing to do when you are in "critical condition" is to take 3 deep breaths....clear your head and then decide what else you want to do with that pause.  It may be nothing at all.....but at least you took those deep breaths and gave your mind and body a quick, needed break. 

Train yourself to get good at this - you will be amazed at how your life will become peaceful and your head clear of clutter.