Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clearing your head....

meaning to pause does not suggest that pausing is easy.  Many times, that gentle nudge arrives and your head is so filled with clutter, that the pause can actually become another burden mixed in with all that clutter and chaos. 

TAKE NOTE; if that does happen to you and your pause  is not a welcomed are in critical condition.  At that very moment - you need to step away from where you are and regroup.  Force yourself to clear your head and USE THAT PAUSE wisely.

The best thing to do when you are in "critical condition" is to take 3 deep breaths....clear your head and then decide what else you want to do with that pause.  It may be nothing at all.....but at least you took those deep breaths and gave your mind and body a quick, needed break. 

Train yourself to get good at this - you will be amazed at how your life will become peaceful and your head clear of clutter.